Tow Setup

Tow set up is a critical aspect of safe and confident caravanning.  Incorrect tow set up can result in you having less control of the caravan than you should, caravan sway and/or bouncing, inefficient braking and/or an overall rough and nerve racking towing experience.  All of these scenarios are avoidable and are areas that we can easily address with you.

Towing a caravan should feel comfortable.  If you are heading away and feel nervous, or worried because of how the van tows then let us ease your mind, by assessing and perfecting your tow set up.

Some of the areas that we inspect in order to improve towing are:

1) Is your car and caravan combination compatible?

Your car must legally be capable to tow the weight of your caravan.  We check the specifications of the vehicle and details on your caravans vin plate to assess this.

Your car and caravan may need to be weighed.

2) How have you packed your caravan?

The manner in which you pack and where you store items in your caravan can impact on its towing.

Sometimes changing this alone can make a difference.

3) We ask you what it feels like when you tow your caravan?

Hearing your experience is vital in us understanding what is going on when you tow.

4) Check if your caravan servicing is up to date.

Un serviced caravans and worn components can impact on the way a caravan tows.

5) We look at what towing accessories you are already using.

We need to assess if these are the correct products and whether they have been fitted correctly.

6) We do a tow test.

We can tow test your car and caravan to experience the problem first hand.

Often, a small adjustment to an existing towing accessory is all that is needed to improve your towing experience.

Tow set up accessories

We can fit any of the below accessories to you car and/or caravan

Brake controllers

Brake controllers are fitted to your car.  They are required in order to operate the electric brakes that are fitted to your caravan.  They control the power that is applied to the braking  system of the caravan.

Weight Distribution Hitches

A Weight Distribution Hitch is an accessory that gets fitted between your car and caravan to shift weight between them and to help level the combination.

Auxiliary power connections

Auxiliary power connections are circuits that are wired from the car to the caravan to supply power or charge batteries, to items such as, fridges, internal lights,  batteries, ESC (Electronic Stability Control),  and rear view cameras.

Tow mirrors

Tow mirrors are a legal requirement when towing a caravan.  They allow you to see down the side of your caravan giving you a better view of whats behind and around you.  There are several options available depending on your preference and requirements.

Tow bars

Tow bars are weight rated and its imperative you have the correct one for your purpose.