Why service a caravan?

Servicing your caravan is an integral part of proper caravan maintenance. Like other vehicles, caravans require periodic servicing, even if they have not been used.

Servicing your caravan contributes to safer road travel, prevents costly breakdowns and repairs, prolongs its life and condition and maintains its value.  All very good reasons to get your caravan serviced!

Our service team:

We have a team designated to perform just ‘caravan servicing’.  This is their speciality. They do this work day in, day out!  They are experienced and talented.  Their work, (the work they perform on your caravan) is overseen and checked by the Service and Maintenance Manager.  This is the person who will greet you, phone you, discuss problems and costs with you and deliver your caravan back to you.

Our processes:

We use an itemised service checklist.  A final Quality check-list, is also performed by the person who completes the service and then again by the Service and Maintenance Manager which ensures your caravan is serviced to the highest standard and quality checked twice.

Our parts:

We only use quality parts, grease and lubricants.  Timken is the only brand we use.  We do not compromise on quality ever!

Our service area:

All caravans are serviced in our dedicated service area, on a hoist, using maintained, calibrated and serviced tools and equipment, which enable our staff to complete the service correctly and effectively. 

New caravans require a 1000km service, and all caravans should be serviced every 10000kms, or annually.  If you are heading off on a long trip, it is advisable to have a service before you leave.  Servicing centres can be few and far between in some parts of Australia, and sometimes parts are either unavailable and/or need to be shipped.  This can be time consuming.  The last thing you need is an interruption to your trip caused through a breakdown.

We offer either a full service or undercarriage (only) service.

A full service comprises the inspection and servicing of many areas of your caravan.  Areas inspected are listed below, in ‘’whats included in a service’’.

Full services are always recommended because, a full service allows us more scope to identify and address problems as they are developing.

An undercarriage (only) service is limited to inspecting and servicing those parts contained within the undercarriage of the caravan.  Areas inspected are also listed in ‘’whats included in a service’’.

An undercarriage service can be performed as a quick check between major services, on camper trailers and/or similar type trailers, or for customers who just want the focus to be the undercarriage.


A Service is the inspection of a range of serviceable items on your caravan, as detailed below.  Any additional work performed and new parts required attract additional costs.

A Full Service consists of:


  • Test for water leaks on mains pressures
  • Test for water leaks on 12V pump – if applicable
  • Check sink waste (drain)
  • Test anode & replace anode if required (replacement attracts additional cost)
  • Test awning operation & inspect condition


  • Inspect tread wear
  • Inspect rims for dents
  • Tighten wheel nuts
  • Repaint hubs
  • Adjust tyre pressures – including spare
  • Wheel alignment


  • Inspect bearings for uneven wear
  • Wash bearings
  • Re pack bearings with new grease
  • Replace bearing seats
  • Replace split pins


  • Adjust brakes
  • Inspect electric brake magnets
  • Inspect brake linings
  • Test brake safe – if applicable
  • Test AL-KO ESC – if applicable


  • Inspect & lubricate suspension mounts
  • Re-grease suspension nipples
  • Tension U-bolts to required torque


  • Check coupling bolts
  • Repaint coupling
  • Oil & check corner steadies
  • Grease jockey wheel clamp


  • Test indicators
  • Test brake lights
  • Test tail lights
  • Test running / clearance lights


  • Test & report on battery efficiency
  • Test & report on brake safe battery efficiency (If applicable)
  • Carry out 240V and 12V tests


  • Check security of appliances
  • Test – Interior lighting
  • Test Fridge
  • Test Smoke alarm

Campers only:

  • Service winder mechanisms and components


*(Where applicable, licensed gas plumber fee additional cost)

  • Pressure test the system
  • Test operation of cooker
  • Test operation of refrigerator
  • Test operation of gas hot water system

(11) BODY

  • Lubricate all locks
  • Inspect condition of roof sealant – (Additional charges apply for re-sealing)


  • Adjust handbrake travel


  • An itemised additional inspection is conducted for these caravans

An undercarriage service consists of:

  • Wheels and tyres
  • Wheel bearings
  • Brakes
  • Suspension – leaf spring and
  • Chassis

  1. Contact us, 8339 0772 or book on line.
  2. Bring your caravan in

-We complete the service using our itemised check-list.

-It is common that we seek pre approvals from our customers for replacement of standard parts, ie anodes and wheel bearings, to avoid delays in our workshop.

  1. We complete the service

-If your caravan needs extra work, above the serviceable items on the check-list, we will call you.  We will tell you about any extra costs.  We then order required parts.

  1. Complete any extra work.

-Once we have received the parts, we complete the work.

  1. Complete the Quality check
  2. You collect your caravan

If we are conducting a first service on a brand new caravan, we can usually complete this on the same day.  You may even be able to wait for this to be done.  For all other services, you can expect we will have your caravan for around a week.  The length of time it takes often depends on the extent of work required and on the time it takes for parts to be sourced and received.  We do suggest that you advise us of any planned trips you may have so we can accommodate you accordingly.  All efforts are made to provide progress updates whilst your caravan is with us.

All our services are a fixed price.  Additional charges do apply where work above the scope of the service and/or parts are required.

All services are covered under warranty and you will be provided with a warranty policy when you collect your caravan.