SavvyLevel is a hardware device for caravans and motor homes that communicates via bluetooth to an app on your phone or tablet. It is a precise, intelligent device that offers a quick solution to an often labouring task – the end of the partner fuelled spirit levelling nightmare!

Once the 6cm x 6cm SavvyLevel device is fitted into your caravan or RV, you can then remotely monitor and set your level using the app on your smart phone or tablet. The app is free to download!

The SavvyLevel is very user friendly and works with both Apple and Android devices. It houses extreme precision down to within 0.1 degree, and can with stand all temperatures and weather conditions. It has a voltage input supply of 7-30 volts without a scrap of energy wastage and 98% energy efficiency.

SavvyLevel can be used for 4WD owners, caravan enthusiasts, camper trailers and motor homes to level with ease. The built in memory capabilities will also remember your favourite level for all future trips!