Other Services

At ACR, we do much more than just caravan repairs! We can also take care of some of the other things that are critical for safe and happy caravanning!

Jayco Service & Warranty Agent

We are proud to be able to provide our Jayco customers with timely servicing and warranty assistance.

Advantage have been Jayco Service and Warranty agents since 2010. We are one of few who can offer this service in the Northern Suburbs. Not only do we know the range of Jayco products very well, we have access to Jayco’s on line dealer portal, positioning us to be able gain exclusive access to parts and repair methods.

We are adept at dealing with Warranty issues and have sound processes and systems in place to ensure we manage your claim expediently. We are well versed with their customer handbook and servicing guidelines, ensuring services conducted in our workshop meet Jayco’s handbook specifications.Twice yearly, our staff attend the Jayco service school, which is targeted training about their product and a factory tour which ensures our staff are abreast of their manufacturing processes and are up to date with áll things Jayco’.

Staff also attend yearly training on Jayco Warranty, which ensures they can efficiently and effectively resolve Jayco Warranty claims.

Jayco Warranty Claims Process

To make a booking, simple call or book in on line. You will receive a Warranty form that you are required to complete and return to us prior to your scheduled booking. Or you can download the form here and email it to info@

At your booking, your caravan will be inspected as per your warranty claim form. Most of the time, you can take your caravan home after the inspection. We will then lodge your claim with Jayco. Once your claim has been approved from Jayco and any parts we have ordered are received, we will make contact with you and re-book you to complete the warranty works.

Jayco Servicing Process

To make a booking, simply phone or book in on line. Make sure you bring your Jayco log book with you so we can stamp it as evidence you have had your caravan serviced. Refer to your handbook as to the items we service.

Getaway Annexes

Are you in the market for a new annexe? As the Victorian dealer for Getaway annexes,  we can have you in an annexe in no time. Annexes are a solution to get a little extra space, as the family grows for example. 

The Getaway annexe, is an easy to assemble, light weight annexe that doesn’t take up too much space. Suitable for caravans and campers, they are durable, stable and prove to be excellent value for money. Getaway are leaders in the design and manufacture of quality annexes. Find out more about the wholly Australian company here at the Official Getaway Annexes website.

EZI Camper Awning

Are you wanting a better and improved product than your bag awning? Then let us fit the Ezi Camper awning to your camper. These awnings are sturdy, require very little securing and take just minutes to erect. 

They can be paired with Getaway walls, Kakadu walls or we can have your existing walls modified to suit the ezi camper awning. Its so easy! Find out why EZI Camper Awning are so popular at the Official website.

Gripsport Bike Racks

Are you interested in having a bike rack fitted to your caravan?  Whats a family holiday afterall without taking the kids bikes right?  Well, talk to us about getting Australia’s best bike rack professionally fitted to your caravan.  We can deck you out with a GripSport bike rack, as we are their Victorian dealer and installer. 

Gripsport are an established company, and are leaders in the design and manufacture of  bike racks.  They are an Australian company through and through and we love to support other Aussie companies!  They offer an extensive range of bike racks to choose from, and are renown for their clever design, robust construction and are simply loved by everyone! For more information, checkout GripSport’s Official website

RV Roof Air Lift System

Struggling to lift your pop top roof?

We are an authorised installer for the RV Roof Airlift System. It is an innovative and unique system that takes the hard work out of lifting your pop top roof. The system raises your roof with ease, without any physical effort from you, reducing the risk of injury and making arriving at your destination a whole lot easier. 

The system is relatively inexpensive and comprises 4 vinyl bags an air line and a compressor, that fits easily in a locker. Its manufactured in Australia, from a durable vinyl, and they are measured and made to fit your caravan exactly. Check out our video & website to find out further.


AL-KO Electronic Stability Control

ACR is an authorised fitment agent for this revolutionary accessory in caravan towing safety.

This sophisticated system, provides assurance to drivers, that in difficult driving conditions, the stability of their caravan is being monitored and controlled. The system engages, applying the electric brakes, when it identifies challenging driving conditions, providing control in the event of unexpected driving hazards. The system reacts faster than the driver could, making it an absolute priority for safety.

Some insurance companies are also offering their customers a discount on their insurance premiums if this product is fitted.

Al-KO Anti Theft System (ATS) is also now available. This system allows GPS tracking of your caravan or car via your mobile phone through the black night app. This technology means that your caravan is now safer than ever, as you are able to track it!