Considering a Renovation?

Do you have a great van, but for whatever reason its not quite meeting your needs anymore? Kids moved on maybe and you no longer need those bunks? Well maybe a modification is what you are after. Don’t despair, you don’t need to rush off and sell your van. Often a modification is a great way to ensure that you have exactly what you want and need in your van.

Advantage Caravan Repairs has become renowned for our renovations to second hand caravans. It is true that many people enter the caravan market via purchasing a second hand caravan. Put simply, second hand caravans can and do offer much of what you would find in a new van, but often at a fraction of the cost. Buying new is not for everyone. In addition to saving some money a renovated caravan offers you input into the layout and overall design and they simply have great character!

How Can We Help You to Renovate?

At ACR, we can take a renovation or modification as far as you would like it. You may be interested in a small renovation, replacing two single beds with a double for example. Or your requirements may be more substantial. Whatever your needs, we can assist and progress your ideas, into a design and then an outcome.

How long will my caravan be with you if it is booked for a service?

Please visit our FAQ section for details on timeframes.

The Story of Milly

Milly is testament to this. Milly, is a 1980 York caravan fully restored by ACR, as featured in Caravan and Motorhome Magazine. Milly now boasts:
– a modern and fresh interior
– brand new appliances
– new aluminium cladding to the exterior
– stylish designer pin striping
– and a host of other accessories

Completed, Milly is as functional and comfortable as her modern day counterparts. In addition Milly is one of a kind. She has a uniqueness that simply is not present in a new van.