General Repairs

Does your caravan have a water leak?, does it have some structural damage? Has something broken or just stopped working due to normal wear and tear?   Would you like to freshen up the van, replace the front vinyl with checker plate? There are many situations, where your caravan many require a general repair.

We are experienced in a broad range of internal and external general repairs, to all types of caravans and campers.

Our experienced staff are capable of undertaking a broad range of internal and external general repairs, to all types of caravans, such as:

-internal or external water damage

-general water leaks

-repairs to 12 volt power systems

-repairs to electric awnings and beds

-roof and/or window reseals

-plywood repairs

-air conditioning servicing

-A frame and chassis repairs

-upholstery upgrades

-new laminate/benchtops

-awning/canvas repairs

-annexe alterations and repairs

-main entry door repairs

-front vinyl or checker plate

-new decals

There are many varieties of campers.  We are experienced in undertaking repairs to all types of wind up campers, new or older models, regardless of the locations of their lifting mechanisms.  Repairs to campers can be complex, mainly due to the fact that there are so many varieties.   Repairs to them, do require a special skill set to ensure the smooth operation and longevity of your camper. 

We will work with you to get your mobile business looking professional and operating efficiently.   Whether this entails a general repair, sunshade install or space saving ideas!   

1.  Contact us 8339 0772

We will arrange a booking time for you. 

2.  Attend your booking and discuss your requirements.

Our dedicated Retail and Repairs Manager will spend time with you discussing your requirements and exploring options.  Sometimes, we can suggest things that you may not have considered. 

3.  Obtain a quote.

Once we have settled on the nature of the repair, we will provide you a quote.

4.  Approve the quote.

Once you have authorised for the works to commence, we will order your parts/materials and commence the works.

5.  Complete repair.

6.  Complete the quality check.

7.  You collect your caravan.

The repair process can be intricate and we understand the importance of getting things ‘just right’.  We treat the repair process as a joint effort between us and you.  We pride ourselves on robust, effective and timely communication with our customers, so you feel you are a part of the process. 

This will depend on the nature of the repairs.  We will offer you guidance at your booking time.

All repairs are covered under warranty and you will be provided with a warranty policy when you collect your caravan.