AL-KO Electronic Stability Control

The AL-KO Electronic Stability Control is a sway and swerve control system for caravans fitted with electric brakes. It is a vital safety feature deigned to give you the best possible response in a sudden emergency manoeuvre, for example swerving suddenly to avoid an animal on the road or another vehicle. AL-KO ESC gives you the confidence that allows you to drive knowing that you have unparalleled levels of safety during your journey, a more stable and balanced drive and assured manoeuvrability in a range of driving conditions.


How it works:

AL-KO ESC is an intelligent electronic braking system that works in a similar way to an ESC system in some cars. The AL-KO ESC constantly senses the side to side movement of the caravan while you’re towing. When you need to perform a critical sway or emergency swerve, this movement is detected by the ESC, which partially applies the caravan brakes. Braking of the caravan only has the effect of pulling the caravan into line behind the tow vehicle and prevents further swaying of the caravan. This allows you to remain in control of the vehicle.