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Victoria's Leading RV Service and Repair Centree

At ACR, we do much more than just caravan repairs!

We can also take care of some of the other things that are critical for safe and happy caravanning!

We can supply and fit:

  • anderson plugs

  • reverse cameras

  • brake controllers

  • dual battery systems

Custom Designs

Do you have a special requirement or need and can't find that person to be able to do it for you? Well, talk to us! We are able to custom design and /or custom build to our customers requirements.

Some of the custom design work that we can offer are:

  • bus and motorhome fit outs

  • custom built caravans

  • speciality trailers (motorbike, food and merchandise trailers)

Seminars.......Do you need to know more about your caravan?

Then book in to one of our Seminars, "All about Caravans" These small group education seminars will skill you up with the knowledge you need to get the most our of your caravan. We run about 3 per year in our designated Seminar room. They are free of charge and include interactive and hands on displays to ensure you are captivated for the duration!

Do you have a problem covered under warranty?

ACR is proud to be able to assist our customers with warranty issues.

When something breaks down or wont work as it should, we understand the frustration and inconvenience that this can cause.

We are experienced and trusted warranty agents, with knowledge of current accessories, appliances, manufacturing standards and processes. We can and will assist you with your warranty issue. We are agents for Thetford Aust, Dometic Aust and Coast to Coast.

We are also a JAYCO Service and Warranty agent.

Agents for Kakadu Annexes

Do you need an annexe? We are agents for Kakadu Annexes. Kakadu Annexes really are superior annexes. Made from vinyl, not canvas, they are durable and they last. Speak to us about the difference you can expect from a Kakadu Annexe and allow us to measure up and fit one for you or visit the Kakadu website

A word on Insurance

Insurance is a must when you own a caravan. You never quite know when something adverse may happen on the road, or when weather conditions may cause damage to your caravan.

It is important to ensure your caravan is adequately insured. Make sure you know what that dollar value is.

ACR is also an agent for CIL insurance. Let us arrange a quote for you!

If you would like us to arrange insurance for your caravan
please email us or visit the CIL website

Ask the expert

ACR features an 'ask the expert' column in Caravan and Motorhome magazine each issue. This column allows readers to write in any questions or ask any technical advice about their caravan or caravanning issues in general. Peter has been writing this column for some time! It has now become a highly anticipated column, followed and read by readers Australia wide. If you have not read it, pick up a copy of the magazine. It forms interesting reading and is testament to Peters credibility within the industry!

If you would like to submit a question for the 'ask the expert' column, please email Caravan and Motorhome magazine

AL-KO Electronic Stability Control

ACR is an authorised fitment agent for this revolutionary accessory in caravan towing safety.

This sophisticated system, provides assurance to drivers, that in difficult driving conditions, the stability of their caravan is being monitored and controlled. The system engages, applying the electric brakes, when it identifies challenging driving conditions, providing control in the event of unexpected driving hazards. The system reacts faster than the driver could, making it an absolute priority for safety.

Some insurance companies are also offering their customers a discount on their insurance premiums if this product is fitted.

To view a video of this system in action please visit the AL-KO website

Al-KO Anti Theft System (ATS) is also now available. This system allows GPS tracking of your caravan or car via your mobile phone through the black night app. This technology means that your caravan is now safer than ever, as you are able to track it!

Levelling Jacks

Are you finding it hard to level your caravan due to your inability to get into those awkward positions or because you cant get the plastic ramps 'just right?' Levelling Jacks may be the solution you have been looking for.

Levelling Jacks offer complete vehicle stabilisation solutions for caravans, motorhomes, 5th wheelers and speciality vehicles.

ACR is an authorised installer of these products. To learn more about levelling Jacks please visit the Levelling Jacks website.

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  • Custom designs
  • Warranty agents
  • Jayco Service and Warranty agent
  • CIL Insurance agent
  • Ask the expert column
  • AL-KO ESC and ATS fitment agent
  • Levelling jacks