Caravan Servicing

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The importance of servicing

Servicing your caravan is an integral part of proper caravan maintenance. You are towing a very heavy load and without regular and appropriate maintenance you are posing a risk to yourself and others on the road if you are not having your caravan serviced.

What is included in a service?

  • Inspect and de dust brakes

  • Check and re pack wheel bearings

  • Adjust handbrake

  • Check tyres and trye pressure

  • Check and re grease suspension

  • Check chassis

  • Check coupling operation and bolt tension

  • Check chains

  • Check operation of jockey wheel

  • Check and secure any low lying hoses

  • Check all exterior lights for operation and cracks

  • Check battery connection

  • Check operation of awning

Did you know that some manufacturers will void your warranty if you do not get your caravan serviced at regular intervals!

At ACR, we have a dedicated service area in the workshop, specifically designed for this purpose, allowing us optimal conditions to complete the highest standard service on your caravan.

We use a hoist which enables us to look at the entire undercarriage of your caravan.

All servicing in our workshop is overseen by a qualified motor mechanic.

Caravans should be serviced prior to any large trip and otherwise at regular intervals, but at least at each 10,000 kms. If you have purchased a second hand caravan, its a good idea to have it serviced prior to you using it.

How long will my caravan be with you if it is booked for a service?
Please visit our FAQ sections for details on timeframes.

Servicing at a glance
  • Is crucial for safety
  • Should form part of routine maintenance
  • Needs to be completed prior to any big trip
  • Should be completed at regular intervals, usually every 10,000 kms
  • If not completed, can void your warranty